Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wink Tip: Add Your Sites to Your Profile

How to add your sites, places, blogs, pages, etc. to your profile.

This is a sweet feature that lets you tell your friends where all the places hang out are online. Your photos, blog, MySpace, Facebook, Wishlist, etc. Any place.

It helps you keep track of them all, and it helps your friends know what you're up to...

So here's the deal:
  1. On your Profile Page, click on the big orange button that says "Add My Links & Places!"
  2. You will see a long list of sites that you can add.
  3. Scroll down and look for services that you are a member of, then click the plus sign or the "Add..." link next to that service
  4. A box will open that will ask for some quick information depending on the site. Follow the instructions then click "Add"
  5. If you do not see your service listed (such as your blog), scroll to the top and "Add a URL"
  6. You can do this for any site or page that you claim is yours.
  7. When all done, click the big green button on the right at the top that says "Done: View My Profile"
That's it! As you add more pages and sites, you can always update this page.

Remember to Invite Your Friends and share all that you're doing online!

For other ways to make your Wink profile cool, check this article out.

If you ever have any questions or feedback, please go to this page and let us know.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wink Tip: Invite Friends

How to Invite Friends

There are two ways you can add friends on Wink. The first is by finding another Wink member and clicking on the Add as Friend link from their profile page. They will get an email and will then accept the friendship, just like MySpace or Facebook.

The other way is by inviting your friends to join Wink with you. We try to make this as easy as possible for you. All you need to do is click on the "Invite Friends" link on the left side of your page from your homepage or your profile page, then follow the instructions. We do not spam your friends. We hate spam. You are sending them a genuine invitation to join you on the Wink network. This will make it super easy for you to stay in touch no matter where you are on the web.

Inviting your friends to join really helps you and it helps us. It makes our search engine stronger and provides you with a cool way of keeping track with what your friends are doin'.

Thanks again for helping us out. We do appreciate your support!

If you ever have any questions or feedback, please go to this page and let us know.

Wink Tip: Make Your Profile Cool

Here's the first Wink Tip.

Making your profile cool!
  1. On the dashboard on the left side, click "Edit My Profile"
  2. Add a nice photo of yourself. Like we say... your mom would like that ;)
  3. Make sure your first and last name is accurate. This makes it easy for your friends to find you
  4. Fill out your interests. Just a couple of words separated by commas. (Hiking, Knitting, Race Car Driving, Music, Politics, etc.)
  5. Tell the world about yourself in the description... You can get goofy or serious, it's all up to you. It doesn't have to be that long either, so don't worry.
  6. Add your location, this is also important, there may be many people with the same name as you, but if you add the location (and photo) it really helps your old friends to locate ya.
Once you're done, scroll down and click the "Save Profile" button and you're good to go.

You can always change this information later. So don't sweat it.

You are helping to make Wink a better place! We really do appreciate that.


If you ever have any questions or feedback, please go to this page and let us know.

Welcome to Wink!

Hi there,

We're really happy you joined Wink People Search! We're a little service trying to make it easier for you to find people and share your online life with them. There are tons of cool stuff that you can do here.
  1. Find people who are online, old friends, new friends, from all over the Internet.
  2. Create your own Wink Profile! It makes it even easier for your friends to find you.
  3. Link to all of your sites and places that you have on different services. This lets people go to one place to find your blog, MySpace, Wishlists, Photos, or any other site that you maintain on the web.
  4. Invite friends and family to be your Wink Friend. This makes it easy for the people you care about to keep in touch. It also lets you stay closer to them.
You can find all of this on your Wink dasboard on the left. Just click on the links and start building out your Wink Profile and friends list!

Thanks again for signing up for Wink, we hope you enjoy it.

If you ever have any questions or feedback, please go to this page and let us know.